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Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), IBM Watson® Assistant provides customers with the best customer experience. Remove the frustration of long wait times, tedious searches, and unhelpful chatbots. By learning from customer conversations, Watson Assistant automatically improves its ability to resolve issues the first time.
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Why AI for customer service?

Watson Assistant empowers human agents by using a virtual assistant to answer routine customer questions at GM Financial. (02:19)

Organizations are seeing the benefits of automating customer service, connecting conversational AI to their existing systems, getting more insight from data and improving productivity.

Think big, start small, scale fast.

Watch how Cardinal Health started small and scaled fast to improve customer experience and reduce costs. (15:44)

Watch a lively discussion between AI experts on compliance and data privacy, integrating AI, scalability to enterprise demands, and standardization for consistency and cost-effectiveness. (34:52)

Experts agree: now is the time to adopt conversational AI

451 Research found 67% of those who adopt conversational AI achieve ROI within a year by lowering costs, increasing sales, improving productivity and adapting to rapid change.

Keeping your customer experience up to date in a way that defines and differentiates your brand while building and maintaining customer loyalty is crucial to your success.

Watson Assistant saves USD 23.9 million

Forrester interviewed four IBM clients who CRM streamlined business processes with conversational AI. See how these organizations improved customer satisfaction, empowered customer service agents and achieved a 337% ROI using virtual agents across their organization.

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