Blue Zone ESG

Finally, the all-in-one ESG reporting solution is here. Say goodbye to outdated, manual ESG reporting processes, and say hello to Blue Zone ESG.

ESG reporting is a primary focus today as stakeholders prioritize corporate risk policies and strategies for a sustainable future. But many companies’ tools for collecting data and producing ESG reporting have not been updated to reflect today’s complex ESG landscape. Blue Zone makes it easy for ESG professionals by simplifying the process with fully automated and robust solutions that meet all major reporting standards.

Save time, eliminate manual errors, and create professional ESG reports with Blue Zone. This new comprehensive, streamlined ESG reporting and process automation solution allows you to integrate narrative and financial data from multiple sources so you can collect, assemble, and report all in the same secure platform.

Telling your ESG Story should be a Collaborative Process. Stakeholders are looking for evidence that managing ESG risk and identifying opportunity is operationalized and integrated into your overall business strategy. Blue Zone’s many tools provide multiple touchpoints to produce the most effective engagement possible.

To that end, there is much more to ESG reporting than presenting KPIs, metrics, graphs, and statistics in a single annual corporate sustainability report. Instead, your ESG strategy should create continuous stories that are responsive to the priorities of each of your different audiences, which include not only investors and employees, but also supply-chain participants, ESG rating agents, and consumers.

Blue Zone ESG offers a feature-rich disclosure and narrative reporting solution that supports broad collaboration and engagement across your enterprise to deliver rich content that combines narratives with data across multiple channels including the proxy, annual report, websites, social media, and other digital communications.

What sets Blue Zone ESG apart:

Meets all Major Reporting Standards

BlueZone supports Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Reporting Standards and more. Meet all standards in a single reporting platform.

Covers Most Material ESG Indicators

Blue Zone ESG covers material and ESG indicators from executive compensation, supply chain, social issues, energy efficiency, diversity and inclusion, data protection, corporate governance, code of conduct and health and safety.

Robust Data Collections

Automatic data collections of all data related to ESG KPIs that includes surveys, organization carbon emissions, water influents, effluents, carbon emissions, suppliers, employees and many more. Blue Zone ESG’s data collection process uses state-of-the-art that works over email, browser, and even mobile devices.

Supports Major Climate-Related Disclosure Guidance

Blue Zone ESG supports most climate-related disclosure guidance including Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, NASDAQ, Canada, UK, most of EU, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt.

Sends Questionnaires

With a few clicks, send out professionally vetted questionnaires from Blue Zone ESG’s questionnaire database to portfolio companies and suppliers with fully automatic tracking.

Generates ESG Reports

Blue Zone ESG’s centralized system gathers all data in a single data repository. With just one click, the system generates a professional ESG Report based on the framework guideline. Creating ESG reports is automated, fast, and cost-effective.

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