Environmental, Social and Governance Overview


With ESG quickly becoming a primary area of focus for stakeholders, it’s time to upgrade reporting tools to reflect the times. Save time, eliminate manual errors, and create professional ESG reports with Blue Zone ESG. This new comprehensive, streamlined ESG reporting and process automation solution allows you to integrate narrative and financial data from multiple sources so you can collect, assemble, and report all in the same secure platform.

Provide transparency to all internal and external stakeholders by using Blue Zone ESG to deliver high-quality disclosures that are tightly integrated into sustainability reports, surveys, statutory disclosures, annual reports, SEC filings, earnings call scripts, and XBRL. The Blue Zone ESG Reporting Module provides a secure, intuitive platform for producing reports compliant with GRI, CDP, IIRC, SASB, TCFD and other ESG frameworks.

Collect data across the organization

Collaborate seamlessly with any number of contributors across the organization to collect data from multiple departments with intuitive templates, pre-built to meet reporting requirements. Use Blue Zone ESG’s workflow function to map out and track your processes, set reminders for tasks and automatically distribute reports.

Simplify compliance with any number of frameworks

Whether your company reports in accordance with recognized ESG frameworks, industry standards, or custom requirements, Blue Zone ESG provides a single source of truth and real-time updates to statements, schedules, charts, graphs and data values (even those buried in paragraphs of text).

Drive transparency with an audit ready environment

Blue Zone ESG provides an audit-ready environment to ensure your reports and disclosures stand up to the highest level of scrutiny. Gain access to version control and track historical changes with a complete audit trail throughout the reporting process.

Tell your story

Combine financial data from a variety of sources with in-depth narrative to create professional reports with accurate and consistent data. Blue Zone ESG Reporting Module pulls data from the same central database, so you can be confident that your information is the same across all ESG reports and presentations.

Key Benefits

  • Easy data collection with pre-defined frameworks and cloud-based templates
  • Team collaboration from anywhere
  • Built-in security and control over all users and data
  • Data integration from multiple sources
  • Powerful publishing engine with beautiful, custom report designs

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